Terry Manzo

A client once said  “I wish I could see the world through your eyes.”

Always visually aware of her surroundings, Terry's creative eye is constantly composing. As a freelance professional photographer, her commercial work encompasses a broad spectrum from publicity, products, events, theatre and musicians to people at work and play.


Heidi Holdsworth

Heidi is the owner, staff and conscience of Creative Feats. A graphic designer for longer than she cares to admit, Heidi knows that personal client relationships are the inspiration for strategic vision, boundless creativity and contagious enthusiasm. Heidi shares her home office with her charming English Bulldog Dave, who has finally stopped asking her to turn the music down.  


Juli Waller


Juli is an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator who loves creating and experimenting. She collects old magazines and cookbooks pre-1970; has a large toy and Flintstone collection; loves a good flea market, old books and for some strange reason, office supply stores. She's active in the mail art world and enjoys meeting new artists and learning new techniques.


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